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  • Patch #97 Huge Update! Barrows! Charizard Raid! Farming! and much more!!

September 9th 2018

  • Patch #98 Huge Update! Strykewyrm Minigame! Revs! King Kong VS Godzilla! Maze Minigame! Slayer Keys and more!

October 12th 2018

  • Page #99Huge Halloween Update!!! Halloween Event! Corp Revamp! Rev Improvements! Diglet!

Octcober 26th 2018

November 30th 2018

December 12th 2018

January 10th 2018

Febuary 17 2018

  • Count! Count to 10,000 By drax
  • DWCC Drax's Weekly Caption Contest!

  • Saturday - PVM - +5% drop rate bonus
  • Sunday - PVM +5% drop rate bonus
  • Monday - castlewars - x2 castle wars points
  • Tuesday - avengers - x2 avengers points
  • Wednesday - the arcade - x1.5 arcade points
  • Thursday - Battlegrounds - x3 bg points
  • Friday - Theatre of Blood - +15% chance of better loot inside the Theatre of Blood

July 2018 MOTM - CylorV

August 2018 MOTM- Darklordrr

September 2018 MOTM- 4 Real Irish

October 2018 MOTM- HC Mylly

November 2018 MOTM-Best Ds Ever

December 2019 MOTM-[1]

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