Dream Mystery Box

The Dream Mystery Box is one sexy and amazing revamped boxes we have here on Dreamscape! This box has some awesome rewards and an amazing 20% better drop rate than our other boxes!

*This list will only be updated when new items are discovered.*

Image Item Name Quantity Rarity
Chest Key
Chest Key (#1) 1 Standard
1B Check
1Bill Checks 500 Standard
White Santa Hat
White Santa Hat 1 Standard
American Party Hat
American Party Hat 1 Standard
Ice katana
Ice Katana 1 Standard
Gold chain
Gold Chain 1 Standard
Assault Rifle
Assault Rifle 1 Standard
Flippers 1 Standard
Dubby Favorite
Dubby Favorite 1 Standard
Dream bones
Dream Bones 50 Standard
Frost bones (100 noted)
Frost Dragon Bones 200 Standard
Wizzy Torva 1 Great
Hot H'ween Mask
Hot h'ween Mask 1 Great
Black hween Mask
Black h'ween Mask 1 Great
Gold h'ween mask
Gold h'ween Mask 1 Great
Super Mystery Box
Super Mystery Box 1 Great
Icy boots
Icy Boots 1 Great
Staff of Ice Equip
Staff of Ice 1 Great
Staff of Lava
Staff of Lava 1 Great
Golden Ak-47
Golden Ak-47 1 Great
Fallen Death Cape
Fallen Death Cape 1 Great
Phoenix Egg 1 Great
Bong 1 Great
Nocturnal Chain Stats Nocturnal Chain 1 Great
Elite Torva Set Stats
Elite Torva 1 Great
Green Scythe
Green Scythe 1 Great
Dream bones
Dream Bones 200 Great
Sled 1 Epic
Super Donator Ticket
Super Donator Ticket 1 Epic
Rainbow Santa Hat
Rainbow Santa Hat 1 Epic
Lime Santa Hat
Lime Santa Hat 1 Epic
Black Santa Hat
Black Santa Hat 1 Epic
Lava Spirit Shield
Lava Spirit Shield 1 Epic
Fallen Death Cape (u) Fallen Death Cape (U) 1 Epic
Ring of Wealth (i)
Ring of wealth (i) 1 Epic
Ring of fortune 1 Epic
Coll necklace
Collector's necklace 1 Epic
Amulet of blood
Amulet of blood 1 Epic
Morphing Ring
Ring Of Morphing 1 Epic
Extreme Donator Ticket
Extreme Donator Ticket 1 Epic
Bass Guitar
Bass Guitar 1 Epic
Angelic Deathcape
Angelic Deathcape 1 Epic
Boxing gloves red
Boxing Gloves (R/B) 1 Epic
American Boxing Gloves
American Boxing Gloves 1 Epic
Dream bones
Dream Bones 250 Epic
Dream ice kiteshield
Dream Ice Kiteshield 1 Epic
Dream partyhat
Dream Party hat 1 Epic
Dream Santa Hat 1 Epic
Staff of dream ice
Staff of Dream Ice 1 Epic
Loyal banner
Loyal banner 1 Epic
Lightbringer sheild
Lightbringer shield 1 Epic
Saradomin hammer
Saradomin hammer 1 Epic
Dream Helm Shard 1
Dream Helm Shard 1 1 Uber
Dream Helm Shard 2
Dream Helm Shard 2 1 Uber
Dream Helm Shard 3
Dream Helm Shard 3 1 Uber
Dream Body Shard 1
Dream Body Shard 1 1 Uber
Dream Body Shard 2
Dream Body Shard 2 1 Uber
Dream Body Shard 3
Dream Body Shard 3 1 Uber
Dream Legs Shard 1
Dream Legs Shard 1 1 Uber
Dream Legs Shard 2
Dream Legs Shard 2 1 Uber
Dream Legs Shard 3
Dream Legs Shard 3 1 Uber
Dream Gloves
Dream Gloves 1 Uber
Dream Boots
Dream Boots 1 Uber
Dream Katana
Dream Katana 1 Uber
Ultimate Dream Katana
Ultimate Dream Katana 1 Uber
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