Dr Harlow
Dr Harlow
Dr Harlow operates the Super Donator point store!

This shop is located in the "Super Donator Zone". To get there:

Go to your Armor Tab Equipment tab 

Click on Donator options tab Donator options 

Then, click on Donator zone tab Donator zones tab 

Lastly, choose "Super Donator Zone".

Super donator zone shop new
Items Cost
Zombie Armour 300 Points a piece
Pirate Armour 300 Points a piece
Gilded Armour 150 Points a piece
Party Hats (regular) 200 Points
Rainbow Party Hat 400 Points
Rainbow Boots 500 Points
Santa Hat 200 Points
H'ween Mask 180 Points
Undead Chicken 400 Points
Giant's Hand 400 Points
Death Scythe 600 Points
Lamps 50 Points
Purple Sweets 1 Point
Mystery Box 60 Points
Hell Wings 750 Points
Black Wings 500 Points
Sword of Fear 300 Points
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