Donator Rank


The Donator rank is obtainable via ::donate for $15 or in the game for 25t+. With this rank, you will be opened to MANY perks which includes new zone and bosses.

Donator Hub

Donator Hub

The Donator Hub is accessed via the command ::donorhub or ::dh. It includes a flask shop, altars, a bank, player owned shop NPC, and a collections chest.
Donator Hub
Flask Shop


::Yell Command

You will be able to set your tag/color/shade with the following commands. 

- ::setyelltag (tag), ::setyellcolor (color), ::setyellshade (color)

Yell pic

The Donator Button

With the Donator Button you have the ability to use 'Anywhere Slayer', 'Mobile Spellbook Change' and 'Donator Zone' teleport.

Donator button
Donator Button2

Donator Zone

Donator zone
There are shops where you can purchase various types of goodies.
D-zone npc shop
Trimmed Shop
Donator Rares
Donor Shop

Town Crier
You can also reset your combat skills for free by talking to the Town crier.

Donor Exclusive Bosses

Dreamkings (::dreamking) *for detailed information of this boss click here.*

Dreamking zone

Gio's Hoe (::donorboss) *for detailed information of this boss click here.*

Gio's hoe zone


Being a donator allows you to start dicing and roll a dicebag.

For full information on dicing click here.

Refilling Special Attack

You can refill your special attack at the PK box instead of waiting.

Special Attck Refill

Frost Dragons

You can teleport here by simply typing ::Frosts or by teleporting through your Donator Button > 'Donator Zone'.

Frost drag - donor button
Frost dragon area


Turn into a Pokemon for free! Just type in ::giodude and you're good to go.

To revert back to normal type the command ::unpc or simply relog.