Introducing the new Diglet boss to Dreamscape!

Using the Giant Mole's Mechanics you will be able to take on this fearsome cave dwelling menace!

To access Diglet you will have to teleport to Falador (City Teleports -> Falador) Then you will need to buy a light source from the new Candle Makers Shop


Finally stand on a Diglet hole and dig! You will drop down to Diglet's Lair!


The first challenge is locating him within the catacombs! Then you will have to slay him! He burroughs under the ground and will re-appear throughout the fight, meaning you will have to navigate the catacombs each time to find him!


Diglet packs a punch!


But the rewards for those who slay him can be very juicy indeed! You will need to locate the Drops within the catacombs themselves, so run around until you find your drop and wait for the respawn!

Diglet7 drops
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