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There are many typical gambling methods when playing Dreamscape. Some include games using Dice Bag's, others may include using a Blackjack Table or even planting Flowers. To access the gambling area, players must type ::dicezone ingame.

Are you wanting to play? There are some key information you will want to note before playing.

Anyone can bet, but only Extreme donator's can plant flowers. Such games like Hot & Cold could be used. Dicing(DD) can only be done by Super Donator Dice Bag Location: Upon entering the dicezone, all players are given a free dice bag. You can gamble 55x2 against king vargas a bot, with a max bet of 200T. Flower location: To obtain flowers talk to the flower lady at the end of the dicezone.

Important dicing terms to note are: GL = Goodluck GG = Goodgame BL = Badluck FP = Flowerpoker BJ = Blackjack DD = Diceduel

Important Notice: All dicing sessions are recommended to be recorded. If you are scammed, and have valid proof such as video recordings, it'll be an easier process to be refunded. If no proof is used. You will not be refunded, nor will the scammer be punished.

The official dice clan chat "Dice", is the home tier for different levels of gamblers. By purchasing a rank (each sperately) you are engaging yourself into the gambling community showing others that you are willingly wanting to assist and work your way up to that trusted dicer rank. Each gambling tier has a level of similar ability including hosting and middle manning.

Important Notice: Anyone can scam at any time. This is why we have levels of tiers, and a seperate trusted dice rank for those who have been loyal and can be trusted without supervision.

Players can now Buy ranks in the "rank shop"

Rank Tier Cost Pot Limit
FP0Kfjy Recruit 1.35m 1.35m
RBQb79M Corporal 3m 3m
DTVkAHX Sergent 7.5m 7.5m
Refp3TW Lieutenant 15m 15m
JkdJ17R Captain 30m 30m
CN5M1wJ General Trusted Dicers Can Hold Any Pot

Icon Game About
Blackjack Table The Blackjack table is an automated form of the Blackjack dice game (see below) the host inserts a bet and the other players put in their bet (the max bet is the hosts bet divided by the number of players). The player plays against the host and whoever gets the closest to 100 wins. If you get closer to 100 then the host or if the hosts bet you receive your bet back and the same amount again from the host. If you go over 100 you 'bust and the host receives your bet. If you roll the same as the host, the host auto wins.
Blackjack Blackjack is a dicing game where you try to get closest to 100 without going over, in hope to beat the host rolls.
55x2 55x2 is a simple 1 role dice game where, if the dice roll is higher than 55, you win.
Dice duel Dice duel is an automated dicing system where both parties place bets and confirm. You can choose x1 x3 or x5 rolls.
Multi Flowers
Flower Poker Flower poker is for extreme Donor+. Two people who are non ranked must first find a middle man. The objective is to get as many pairs until plant number 5.
Coin Flip Coin flip is a new gamemode for donator+. Two people will basically challenge eachother to a 50/50 coin flip.
Multi Flowers
Hot or Cold Hot or Cold is for Extreme Donator+. The objective of the game is for the host to not plant the temperature color of the person making the bet or they lose.

There are 3 types of Hosts: A ranked dice cc member, a trusted dicer, or a legacy host.

Rank Tier About
FP0KfjyRBQb79MDTVkAHXRefp3TWJkdJ17R Ranked Dice CC Purchased ranks from the Rank Shop at ::dicezone
TrustedHost pip Trusted Dicer Position applied for
Legacy Host Legacy Host Earned by being loyal to the Trusted Dicer community for 6+ months.

These are the official rules to follow while inside the Dicezone.

1. Do not MM pots unless you have the appropriate rank to do so.

2. Players are not allowed to gamble possible donations as a bet.

3. No scamming pots. To avoid that make sure to take video of all gambles.

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