Diabolic Bow
The Diabolic Bow is an extremely powerful single-target range weapon that is also one-handed. The Diabolic Bow is commonly paired with the Odium Ward or Descimator9000 Offhand.

You can obtain the Diabolic Bow by combining Diablo's Claw and the BFG9000

Diablo Claw Combination

In addition the Diabolic Bow also gives:

  • 10% Luck
  • 10% Double Drop Rate

At the moment, the price of the Diabolic Bow is roughly: Unknown

Combat Stats
Class Slot
Unknown edit Weapon slot
Bonus Attack Defence
Stab +0 +0
Slash +0 +0
Crush +0 +0
Magic +0 +90
Range +25000 +0
Special bonuses
Melee +0
Ranged +35000
Magic +0
Prayer +0

Diabolic Bow Equipped
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