Combat Level 5000
Hitpoints 5,000,000
Slayer Level 1
Aggressive Yes
Attack Style Melee
Attack Speed Monster attack speed 5.gif
Max Hit Unknown
Weakness Range
Always Drops See drop table
Examine It´s a Diablo

Diablo is a level 5000 Boss with 5,000,000 Hitpoints. It was released on December 8, 2017

Diablo is a powerful demon and is the new raid boss on Dreamscape.

The only effective methods of dealing damage include Ranged or Magic.

Recommended Gear Setup
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Item Quantity Rarity
Phoenix Bones.png Phoenix Bones 25 Common
Crystal Key.png Crystal Key 10 Common
Barb Bolttips.png Barb Bolttips 1 Common
Raw Shark.png Raw Shark 50 Common
Bird's Nest.png Bird's Nest 5 Common
Lamp.png Lamp 5 Common
Glock.png Glock 1 Common
Ak-47.png Ak-47 1 Common
Rainbow Cape.png Rainbow Cape 1 Common
Magic Logs.png Magic Logs 50 Common
Uncut Onyx.png Uncut Onyx 50 Common
Dual Haloswords.png Dual Haloswords 1 Common
Hylian Shield.png Hylian Shield 1 Common
Vanguard Boots.png Vanguard Boots 1 Common
Vanguard Gloves.png Vanguard Gloves 1 Common
Vanguard Legs.png Vanguard Legs 1 Common
Vanguard Body.png Vanguard Body 1 Common
Vanguard Helm.png Vanguard Helm 1 Common
Flame Pernix Coif.png Flame Pernix Coif 1 Common
Flame Pernix Chaps.png Flame Pernix Chaps 1 Common
Flame Pernix Body.png Flame Pernix Body 1 Common
DSCoin.png DSCoin 2,000 Uncommon
Raw Shark.png Raw Shark 150 Uncommon
Lamp.png Lamp 15 Uncommon
Magic Logs.png Magic Logs 150 Uncommon
Flame Gloves.png Flame Gloves 1 Uncommon
White Glass Wings.png White Glass Wings 1 Uncommon
Uncut Onyx.png Uncut Onyx 150 Uncommon
Bird's Nest.png Bird's Nest 15 Uncommon
Phoenix Bones.png Phoenix Bones 50 Uncommon
Rifle scope.png Rifle scope 1 Uncommon
Elite Pernix Cowl.png Elite Pernix Cowl 1 Uncommon
Elite Pernix Chaps.png Elite Pernix Chaps 1 Uncommon
Elite Pernix Body.png Elite Pernix Body 1 Uncommon
Blood Spirit Shield.png Blood Spirit Shield 1 Uncommon
Zaryte Bow.png Zaryte Bow 1 Uncommon
Gold Chain.png Gold Chain 1 Uncommon
American Pernix Cowl.png American Pernix Cowl 1 Rare
American Pernix Chaps.png American Pernix Chaps 1 Rare
American Pernix Body.png American Pernix Body 1 Rare
Ascensions Crossbow.png Ascensions Crossbow 1 Rare
Ascension Crossbow Offhand.png Ascension Crossbow Offhand 1 Rare
Golden Ak-47.png Golden Ak-47 1 Rare
Blood santa.png Blood santa 1 Very Rare
Diablo's Claw.png Diablo's Claw 1 1-2500
Devious Helmet.png Devious Helmet 1 1-3000
Devious Platebody.png Devious Platebody 1 1-3000
Devious Legs.png Devious Legs 1 1-3000
Blood Sniper.png Blood Sniper 1 1-3000
Dream range helm.png Dream range helm 1 1-3500
Dream range body.png Dream range body 1 1-3500
Dream range legs.png Dream range legs 1 1-3500
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