The desert strykewyrm, along with all other NPC's in Dreamscape, drops the Infinity Key and immortal stone fragments 

DESERT Strykewrms
Desert Strykewyrm
Combat Level 130
Hitpoints 1200+
Slayer Level 82
Aggressive No
Attack Style Magic
Attack Speed Monster attack speed 4
Max Hit unknown
Weakness Mage, Range
Always Drops None
Examine It's a Desert Strykewyrm.


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Item Quantity Rarity
Blue Charm Blue Charm 1 Common
Crimson Charm Crimson Charm 1 Common
Gold Charm Gold Charm 1 Common
Green Charm Green Charm 1 Common
Coins Coins 300K Common
Astral Rune Astral Rune 120 Common
Cadantine Seed Cadantine Seed 1 Common
Chaos Talisman Chaos Talisman 1 Common
Dragon Halberd Dragon Halberd 1 Common
Dragon Longsword Dragon Longsword 1 Common
Dragon Scimitar Dragon Scimitar 1 Common
Dragon Spear. Dragon Spear. 1 Common
Slayer Helmet Slayer Helmet 1 Common
Lantadyme Seed Lantadyme Seed 1 Common
Law Rune Law Rune 120 Common
Law Talisman Law Talisman 1 Common
Shield Left Half Shield Left Half 1 Common
Infinity Key Infinity Key 1 Uncommon
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