Clue Shop
Clue shop seller

Surok Magis

The clue shop can be found at home and is accessed by clicking talk to Surok Magis. The shop contains may of the items that are needed for completing clue scrolls. Click expand below to see all of the items for sale and the prices.
Item Cost
Flared Trousers 700m
Black Cavalier 500m
Icy Gloves 1b
White Wings 2,147m
Diamond Pickaxe 2b
Minecraft Helm 2b
Vanguard Gloves 5b
Karil's Skirt 300m
Elemental whip 1b
Pirate Boots 1b
Gilded platebody 3b
Gnome Scarf 1b
Rainbow Boots 5b
Rainbow Scarf 3b
Death Cape 200m
Corrupt Vesta's Chainbody 250m
Dharok's Platelegs 150m
Chaotic Whip 1b
Katana of Stars 15b
Iron Platelegs 50m
Iron Dagger 50m
Monkey Lover 1b
Clue shop
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