Casket Fishing

Casket Fishing is a brand new style of fishing for sponsors+ and it gives you Rainbow Fish and a chance at awesome new rewards. To fish these you need to go to Skilling Tab > Fishing & Cooking > Casket Fishing The only requirements you need is a Fly Fishing Rod and Stripy Feathers and a fishing level of 99.

Casket Fishing pic

Casket Fishing Rewards

Level 99:

Norma Caskets (1-25 DSCoins)

Rainbow Fish

Dead Sea Scroll - New EXP Reward

Dead Sea Scroll

Level 120:

Dead Sea Chest - Gives (1-2500 DSCoins)

Dead Sea Chest

Level 140:

Davy Jones' Locket (1-5000 DSCoins)

Davy Jones' Locket
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