Blackjack Table

The blackjack table is a new item available for gamblers. It's available from the Dreamscape Store and was released with patch #65

Game Objective:


- This form of blackjack is only differs from the dice game Blackjack with the ability to have more than 2 players. This game allows for up to 4 players including the host.
Example of how it works: So if Owner of the table puts in 100T and there are 2 other players at the table, they can then put a MAX bet of 50T each. Otherwise, the table can't pay out if they both win.

How does Blackjack work?

This is how BJ works: All the players will place their bets. Each player will roll his/her dice. After rolling their dice, they will ask you if you want to "hit" or "stay". If you say hit, it means you want them to roll again. However when Player B rolls again, whatever they roll will be added to your first roll.

So say Player B rolled 27 and you decided you wanted to hit. Then, Player B rolls a 53. You now have 80.

Once you decide to Stay with what you're at, Player B will then roll for themselves. If they get closer to 100 than you do, they win your bet and you get nothing.

However; if their rolls add up to over 100, you win.


How to win/lose in Blackjack.
  • How do you win? If you get closer to 100 than the other player, or the other player rolls above 100.
  • How do you lose? If the other player gets closer to 100 or you roll above 100.
What will occur in a tie?
  • If the Host rolls the same number as you chose to stay on, the host wins.  
What will happen if a 100 was rolled on the first roll?
  • If a host rolls 100 on the first roll in Blackjack the better wins.
  • (The Host automatically loses)

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