Black Market Dealer

The "Black Market", is a way for any player to sell just about any item in the game. Keep in mind that most large ticket items will take a big loss upon selling it to this shop.

This shop's main location is at ::home, but it is also located numerous other places around Dreamscape

Please Note: You can buy items from here for double what you sold them for.

Sell items
Items Sell Price
Flame Torva Helm 5k dscoins
Flame Torva Body 5k dscoins
Flame Torva Legs 5k dscoins
Flame Pernix Cowl 5k dscoins
Flame Pernix Body 5k dscoins
Flame Pernix Chaps 5k dscoins
Flame Virtus Mask 5k dscoins
Flame Virtus Robe Top 5k dscoins
Flame Virtus Robe Bottoms 5k dscoins
Wolverine Torva Helm 10k dscoins
Wolverine Torva Body 10k dscoins
Wolverine Torva Legs 10k dscoins
Dragonbone Full Helm (U) 5k dscoins
Dragonbone Platebody (U) 5k dscoins
Dragonbone Platelegs (U) 5k dscoins
Elite Torva Helm 10k dscoins
Elite Torva Body 10k dscoins
Elite Torva Legs 10k dscoins
Elite Pernix Cowl 10k dscoins
Elite Pernix body 10k dscoins
Elite Pernix Chaps 10k dscoins
Elite Virtus Mask 10k dscoins
Elite Virtus Robe Top 10k dscoins
Elite Virtus Robe Bottoms 10k dscoins
Blizzard Virtus Mask 150k dscoins
Blizzard Virtus Top 150k dscoins
Blizzard Virtus Legs 150k dscoins
Blizzard Shield 500k dscoins
Crystal Key (+) 1500k dscoins
Crystal Key 1500 dscoins
Trix Orb 1000k dscoins
Drygore Offhand 1 dscoin
Drygore Offhand (U) 1k dscoins
Ice Katana 2k dscoins
Bonds 33M dscoins

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