Barrows Pets

                    The Barrows Pets all have different functions:

Ahrims Pet

Ahrim Jr: Has a 1 in 10 chance of hitting twice when using Magic.

Dharoks Pet

Dharok Jr: Causes the players average damage dealt to be increased as they loses life points.

Guthans Pet

Guthans Jr: Has a healing effect that heals the player.

Karils Pet

Karil Jr: Your hits reduce the bosses magic level.

Torags Pet

Torag Jr: Has a 3x special attack recovery time.

Veracs Pet

Verac Jr: Allows player to have a chance to ignore the bosses armour.

How can i obtain the Barrows Pets?

You can obtain the Barrows Pets out of the Barrows Pet Box from the Dreamscape Webstore or from the Barrows minigame!

Barrows Box
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