The BFG9000 Offhand is a top-end range offhand. It boasts a ridiculous +5000 range attack bonus as its only stat. It is visually identical to the BFG9000 and like the BFG9000, it is untradeable. It is only really used alongside the BFG9000 since there are no other reasonably powerful single-handed range weapons.

Currently, the BFG9000 Offhand can be obtained from the DreamScape Web Store at a price of $250 and from certain boxes.

Currently, this item is obtainable from the following Boxes:

At the moment, the price of BFG9000 Offhand is roughly: 400-525M DScoins+

Combat Stats
Class Slot
Ranged Offhand slot
Bonus Attack Defence
Stab +0 +0
Slash +0 +0
Crush +0 +0
Magic +0 +0
Range +5000 +0
Special bonuses
Melee +0
Ranged +0
Magic +0
Prayer +0
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