Royal sickle-Attack

Attack cape (t)

Attack is a combat skill that determines your accuracy with melee weapons and also determines how strong of a weapon you can equip. The attack combat ranges from levels 1 - 99. To view a list of custom gear and weapons you can view our Melee Gear page.

We recommend for all types of players (Normal,Ironman,Hardcore) to begin their training sessions at the following locations:
  • ::starterboss

  • ::train

  • ::mbox

Og dragon1
When you are reading to fight stronger NPC's we'd recommend trying out Raids. This place has an assortment of Bosses to fight ranging from solo/team base. The Bosses weaknesses include Melee and Mage.

  • ::raidjub / ::joinraid1

Bosses include: Voldemort 2:Vendura 3. Og Dragon 4. Diablo and 5. Raiden

Want to learn the Money Making methods on Dreamscape? We've created a section for beginners - experienced players. This includes what NPC's to fight, and their rewards. We hope this helps you!

The achievement of the attack skill is getting a skill point and a 99 in that category. You're then rewarded with the Attack cape and the skillcape emote.

Attack cape emote

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