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What is the Arcade?

The Arcade is a wave based, horde like custom minigame! There are three different modes and a *duo mode. The first is normal difficulty Arcade, which can be done with a duo partner. The second is Extreme difficulty Arcade which can also be done with a duo partner. The third is the Avengers mode which is solo only.

For the normal difficulty you fight through 1-50 rounds of enemies. If you complete the normal difficulty you get the Infernal Cape and arcade tokens as your reward. If you duo, you only get Arcade tokens as a reward.

To attempt the Extreme difficulty, you need to sacrifice your Infernal cape, which you get from completing the normal difficulty. Once you have done that, you have your chance to fight through 1-55 waves of enemies to get one of three random capes. Either the Infernal Melee Cape, Infernal Mage Cape, or the Infernal Range Cape and Arcade tokens. If you get all 3 of the Extreme capes, you can combine them to create the Tribrid Infernal Cape, which is the best in slot cape! If you duo, you only get Arcade tokens as a reward.

The Avengers mode is 1-10 waves of you fighting different people from the Avengers universe rewarding Arcade tokens and a chance at a rare Infinity stone. Get all 6 of the Infinity stones and use them on an Infinity Gauntlet to create the Infinity Gauntlet (Charged)! This is the best in slot magic weapon, as well as the best weapon in game! (Besides for places that allow 1-hit weapons)

Getting There:

To get to the Arcade there are two methods you can use. The first method is teleporting home and running into the eastern house (shown below). The second method is simply typing ::arcade in-game, which will take you straight there.




You get Arcade tokens for participating in all modes. Here is what you can buy for all of those tokens! Golden scratch card - 2,000 Arcade tokens

Super Mystery Box - 2,000 Arcade tokens

Invictus Box - 2,000 Arcade tokens

Arcade Ring - 150,000 Arcade tokens

Knuckles pet - 5,000 Arcade tokens

Link sword - 50,000 Arcade tokens

Link full helm - 50,000 Arcade tokens

Link platebody - 50,000 Arcade tokens

Link legs - 50,000 Arcade tokens

Crash Bandicoot Jr - 50,000 Arcade tokens

Space Invader Jr - 10,000 Arcade tokens

Pacman Jr - 15,000 Arcade tokens

Oblivion Scythe - 100,000 Arcade tokens

Oblivion platelegs - 25,000 Arcade tokens

Oblivion platebody - 25,000 Arcade tokens

Oblivion full helm - 25,000 Arcade tokens

Blue death cape - 25,000 Arcade tokens

Elemental boots - 15,000 Arcade tokens

Dynamic Mystery Box - 9,000 Arcade tokens

Rare scratch card - 2,500 Arcade tokens

Aqua spirit shield - 50,000 Arcade tokens

Batman Mask - 25,000 arcade tokens

Thor's hammer (PVM) - 25,000 arcade tokens

Captain America Shield (PVM) - 25,000 arcade tokens

Spiderman mask - 25,000 arcade tokens

Spiderman Body - 25,000 arcade tokens

Spiderman Legs - 25,000 arcade tokens

Captain American Mask - 25,000 arcade tokens

Captain American Body - 25,000 arcade tokens

Captain America Legs - 25,000 arcade tokens

Spiderman Noir Helm - 25,000 Arcade Tokens

Spiderman Noir Body - 25,000 Arcade Tokens

Spiderman Noir Legs - 25,000 Arcade Tokens

Some of the best things to buy for profit with the tokens are Super Mystery Boxes or Dynamic Mystery Boxes if you do not like saving up. If you're more patient, buying an Aqua spirit shield would be your best bet profit wise!

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