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What is the Arcade?

The Arcade is a wave based, horde like custom minigame! There are three different modes and a duo mode.

In regular mode, you fight through 1-50 rounds of enemies. If you complete the normal difficulty you get the Infernal Cape and arcade tokens as your reward. If you duo this mode, you only get Arcade tokens as a reward.

For the extreme difficulty, you need to sacrifice your Infernal cape, which you get from completing the normal difficulty. Once you have done that, you have your chance to fight through 1-55 waves of enemies to get one of either the Infernal Melee Cape, Infernal Mage Cape, or the Infernal Range Cape as well as Arcade tokens. If you get all 3 of the Extreme capes, you can combine them to create the Tribrid Infernal Cape, which is the best in slot cape! If you duo this mode, you only get Arcade tokens as a reward.

The Avengers mode is 10 waves of you fighting different characters from the Avengers universe. Rewards include Arcade tokens and a chance at a rare infinity stone. Get all 6 of the Infinity Stones and use them with an Infinity Gauntlet to create the Infinity Gauntlet (Charged)! This is the best in slot magic weapon, as well as the best weapon in game!

Getting There:

There are two ways to get to the arcade. The first method is teleporting home and running into the eastern house (shown below). The second method is simply typing ::arcade in-game, which will take you straight there.



Arcade Shop

You get Arcade tokens for participating in all modes.

Arcade Reward Shop Prices
Item Price
Golden Scratch Card 2,000 Arcade Tokens
Super Mystery Box 2,000 Arcade Tokens
Invictus Box 2,000 Arcade Tokens
Arcade Ring 150,000 Arcade tokens
Knuckles Pet 5,000 Arcade tokens
Link Sword 50,000 Arcade tokens
Link Full Helm 50,000 Arcade tokens
Link Platebody 50,000 Arcade tokens
Link Legs 50,000 Arcade tokens
Crash Bandicoot Jr 50,000 Arcade tokens
Space Invader Jr 10,000 Arcade tokens
Pacman Jr 15,000 Arcade tokens
Oblivion Scythe 100,000 Arcade tokens
Oblivion Platelegs 25,000 Arcade tokens
Oblivion Platebody 25,000 Arcade tokens
Oblivion Full Helm 25,000 Arcade tokens
Blue Death Cape 25,000 Arcade tokens
Elemental Boots 15,000 Arcade tokens
Dynamic Mystery Box 9,000 Arcade tokens
Rare Scratch Card 2,500 Arcade tokens
Aqua Spirit Shield 50,000 Arcade tokens
Batman Mask 25,000 arcade tokens
Thor's hammer (PVM) 25,000 arcade tokens
Captain America Shield (PVM) 25,000 arcade tokens
Spiderman mask 25,000 arcade tokens
Spiderman Body 25,000 arcade tokens
Spiderman Legs 25,000 arcade tokens
Captain American Mask 25,000 arcade tokens
Captain American Body 25,000 arcade tokens
Captain America Legs 25,000 arcade tokens
Spiderman Noir Helm 25,000 Arcade Tokens
Spiderman Noir Body 25,000 Arcade Tokens
Spiderman Noir Legs 25,000 Arcade Tokens

To maximize profit, players should buy either Dynamic Boxes or Aqua Spirit Shields; however the player should check current prices before making a purchasing decision!

Because there are a variety of different levels in the Arcade nowadays (Regular, Extreme & Avengers), people sometimes mistake the regular Arcade for being easy.

The Regular Arcade requires high-end gear and multiple healing items in order to be beaten.


Most people will be playing the Arcade for it's top prize upon completion: The Infernal Cape. It's an extremely powerful hybrid cape popular among many users.

Token png
You also gain arcade tokens for playing any mode of the arcade minigame; in regular mode, you get one token per wave number, which add cumulatively.

For example:

Wave 1: 1 token

Wave 2: 1+2 tokens, so 3 tokens.

Wave 3: 1+2+3 tokens, so 6 tokens in total.

Wave 20: 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10+11+12+13+14+15+16+17+18+19+20 tokens, so 210 tokens in total BUT you also get a 100 token bonus for reaching wave 20.

There are multiple sections in the arcade's wave system, ranging from beginners' waves to dream waves. Each of these sections awards bonus tokens upon completion:

The beginner waves are Waves 1-20. (100 bonus points)

Experienced waves are Waves 21-30. (250 bonus points)

Advanced waves are Waves 31-40. (500 bonus points)

Dream waves are Waves 41-50. (1,000 bonus points)

The following tables are breakdowns of the enemies you will face throughout the 50 waves of the regular mode arcade minigame.

Beginner: Waves 1-19
Wave Enemies
Wave 1 5x Luigi
Wave 2 5x Mario
Wave 3 5x luigi & 5x Mario
Wave 4 5x Pikachu
Wave 5 5x Charmander
Wave 6 5x Charmander & 5x Pikachu
Wave 7 2x Pacman Ghost
Wave 8 4x Pacman Ghost
Wave 9 1x Pacman
Wave 10 1x Pacman & 2x Pacman Ghost
Wave 11 4x Pacman Ghosts & Pacman
Wave 12 1x Tetris Piece
Wave 13 2x Tetris Piece
Wave 14 4x Tetris Piece
Wave 15 1x Space Invader
Wave 16 2x Space Invader
Wave 17 4x Space Invader
Wave 18 1x Pacman, 4x Pacman Ghost, & 4x Space Invader
Wave 19 4x Tetris Pieces & 4x Space Invader
Experienced: Waves 20-29
Wave Enemies
Wave 20 1x Pacman, 4x Pacman Ghost, 4x Space Invaders, & 4x Tetris Pieces
Wave 21 1x Sonic
Wave 22 1x Knuckles
Wave 23 1x Sonic and 1x Knuckles
Wave 24 1x Sonic & 1x Knuckles
Wave 25 1x Frogger
Wave 26 2x Frogger
Wave 27 4x Frogger
Wave 28 1x Crash Bandicoot
Wave 29 1x Crash Bandicoot & 1x Sonic & 1x Knuckles
Advanced: Waves 30-39
Wave Enemies
Wave 30 1x Crash Bandicoot, 1x Sonic, 1x Knuckles, & 4x Frogger
Wave 31 1x Police Car
Wave 32 2x Police Car
Wave 33 2x Police Car & 4x Frogger
Wave 34 4x Police Car
Wave 35 1x Helicopter
Wave 36 1x Helicopter & 2x Police Cars
Wave 37 1x Donkey Kong
Wave 38 1x Donkey Kong & 1x Helicopter
Wave 39 1x Donkey Kong & 1x Helicopter & 2x Police Car
Dream: Waves 40-50
Wave Enemies
Wave 40 1x Donkey Kong, 1x Helicopter, & 4x Police Car
Wave 41 1x Lava Croft
Wave 42 1x Diablo
Wave 43 1x Raiden
Wave 44 1x Dark Raiden
Wave 45 1x Raiden & 1x Dark Raiden
Wave 46 1x Raiden, 1x Dark Raiden, 1x Diablo, & 1x Lava Croft
Wave 47 1x Link
Wave 48 1x Link & 1x Lava Croft
Wave 49 1x Link, 1x Lava Croft, 1x Diablo
Wave 50 1x Link, 1x Lava Croft, 1x Diablo, 1x Dark Raiden, & 1x Raiden


You've finished the normal Arcade mode. You can now play the Extreme Arcade Mode!!!

Keep in mind that in order to play the Extreme Mode, you'll need to sacrifice an Infernal Cape before each run!

The first 50 waves of the extreme arcade are identical to those of the regular arcade. The following is a table of the five extra waves you will encounter in extreme mode:

Extreme: Waves 51-55
Wave Enemies
Wave 51 2x Links

1x Lara Croft

Wave 52 2x Lara Croft

4x Diablo

Wave 53 2x Link

2x Lara Croft

Wave 54 3x Link
Wave 55 2x Link

2x Lara Croft

2x Diablo

2x Raiden

2x Dark Raiden


Now once you finish the Extreme Arcade you will be given either the Infernal Melee Cape, Infernal Range Cape, or the Infernal Mage Cape. Note that you are unable to choose and the capes are given randomly.

Infernal Melee Cape

Infernal Melee Char

Infernal Mage Cape

Infernal Mage Char

Infernal Range Cape

Infernal Range Char

Not only that, but if you are able to acquire all three styles of capes, you can combine them and form the Best In Slot Cape: The Tribrid Infernal Cape.

Tribrid Infernal Cape

Tribrid Infernal Cape Equipped

Along with the capes, you'll be rewarded tokens upon completion based on your donated rank. If you die before completing the extreme arcade, the tokens awarded follow the same formula as in the regular mode.


3300 Tokens


4060 Tokens


4800 Tokens

Platinum Members:

6275 Tokens

This is the toughest Arcade Mode there is!

This new mode will give players a test on their endurance in the Arcade!

Get your hands on the all new Tribrid Inferno Cape!

For every hell mode attempt, you must sacrifice a Tribrid Infernal Cape.

The hell mode puts a spin on the already existing extreme mode. When in the hell mode, all monsters will have 100x more hp than they do in the extreme mode. This is 55 waves of pure madness, but you are adequetly rewarded with receiving 10x more tokens than you would in the other modes.

Upon completing the hell mode, you will receive a Tribrid Inferno Cape!

Tribrid Inferno Cape
Tribrid Inferno Cape Equipped

The Avengers Mode is one of the newest and most popular arcade modes. In the avengers arcade you face off against several characters from the avengers universe, all of which have their own special abilities to make the minigame more challenging.

Wave Breakdown

Wave 1: Black Panther

Use soulsplit for this wave or if you have Sponsor+ prayer it's better to use Fury or Cyclone for more damage.

Black Panther

Wave 2: Drax the Destroyer

Same strategy as Black Panther, but when Drax the Destroyer says "argggghhhh" your prayer will be drained to 0 so it's recommended to bring a super restore potion, Captain America Shield, or a pet that restores prayer such as the Helicopter Pet or Diablo Jr.

Drax the Destroyer

Wave 3: Vision

Same strategy as Black Panther.


Wave 4: Dr Strange

Same stategy as Black Panther but sometimes he will teleport under you.

Dr Stange

Wave 5: Ant Man

Note: Recommended that you turn off auto retaliate for this boss

When Ant Man says "Haha" he will turn small and any damage that you deal to him will heal him. He also will say "Haha" again when he returns to normal size and then you can deal damage.

Ant Man

Wave 6: Captain America

Same strategy as Black Panther, but he does have soulsplit so watch your prayer points and bring super restore potions,Captain America Shield, or a pet that restores prayer such as the Helicopter Pet or Diablo Jr incase.

Captain America

Wave 7: Iron Man

Note: Iron Man is immune to Range

If you are using range, then bring a switch to either melee or mage and continue killing, swap back to range after. If you are only using Melee or Mage then you are fine.

Iron Man

Wave 8: Spiderman

Same strategy as Black Panther, but can freeze you for 3 seconds, and can do a lot of damage with his combos so be aware of your HP.


Wave 9: Hulk

Do not stand right next to his spawn because when he says "SMASH" he will deal 75 damage so be aware of your HP. Using Soulsplit, or another form of healing will make this boss much easier.


Wave 10: Thanos and Ultron

For this wave, start next to Thanos and attack him. Be aware that he switches his protection prayer randomly, so be ready to switch styles. Ultron will walk over and, if you have an AOE weapon, then you will be able to heal from the hits on Ultron. Watch your HP because Thanos can create combos with his hits and poison.

Thanos and Ultron

Total Tokens After Each Wave

Note: Tokens are affected by Donator Rank and Wednesday's Arcade Event. The following values are the total token rewards, they do not add up cumulatively.

Token Reward by Wave
Wave Reward
Wave 1 20 tokens
Wave 2 40 tokens
Wave 3 60 tokens
Wave 4 80 tokens
Wave 5 100 tokens
Wave 6 125 tokens
Wave 7 150 tokens
Wave 8 250 tokens
Wave 9 350 tokens
Wave 10 500 tokens

You also, unlike in the other modes, get a chance at a rare drop after completing the avengers mode. The following are possible rewards.

Rare Drops After Completing All Waves:

Infinity Gauntlet
Infinity Gauntlet Icon
Thanos Pet
Thanos Pet Icon
Soul Stone
Soul Stone
Time Stone
Time Stone
Space Stone
Space Stone
Mind Stone
Mind Stone
Reality Stone
Reality Stone
Power Stone
Power Stone

If you are powerful enough to collect all 6 Infinity Stones, you can bind them to the Infinity Gauntlet to create the new best weapon in-game: the Infinity Gauntlet (Charged). This weapon out-damages even the BFG9000.

The arcade's Endless Mode is the newest, most challenging arcade mode.

With new debuffs and rewards, this new mode is endlessly rewarding. The endless arcade mode contains enemies from both the regular/extreme modes as well as from the avengers arcade mode.

The first 55 waves of the endless mode are the same as the normal and extreme arcade modes.

New waves, effects, and rewards
Wave Reward
Wave 56 3x Links

3x Lara Croft

Wave 57

4x Diablo

Wave 58 3x Dark Raiden
Wave 59 3x Raiden
Wave 60 4x Lara Croft
Wave 61 4x Links
Wave 62

3 x Link 3 x Lara Croft 3 x Diablo 3 x Dark Raiden 3 x Raiden

Wave 63 4x Dark Raiden

4x Raiden

Wave 64 5x diablo

5x lara croft

Wave 65 6x Lara Croft

After this wave, healing items and soulsplit will only work every other hit, making them 50% as effective.

Wave 66 5x link
Wave 67 5x Dark Raiden

5x Raiden

Wave 68 5x Link

5x Lara Croft 5x Diablo 5x Dark Raiden 5x Raiden

Wave 69 7x lara croft
Wave 70

7x link

After this wave, rocks will begin to fall from the ceiling, dealing 20 damage if they land on you.

Wave 71 6x Raiden
Wave 72 8x link
Wave 73 5x Link

5x Lara Croft 5x Diablo

Wave 74 8x Lara Croft
Wave 75 1x Antman

1x Ironman 1x Black Panther

Reward: if wave 75 is passed, the player receives a Tribrid Infernal Cape and gains the ability to start endless mode at wave 50!

Wave 76 1x Ultron

1x Thanos

Wave 77 1x Ultron

1x Thanos 1x Raiden

Wave 78 9x Link
Wave 79 2x Antman

2x Ironman 2x Black Panther

Wave 80 2x Ultron

2x Thanos

After this wave, healing items and soulsplit will only work every fourth hit, making them 25% as effective.

Wave 81 10x Raiden
Wave 82 10x Link
Wave 83 6x Link

6x Lara Croft 6x Diablo

Wave 84 10x Lara Croft
Wave 85 2x Antman

2x Ironman 2x Black Panther

Wave 86 3x Ultron

3x Thanos

Wave 87 3x Ultron

3x Thanos 3x Raiden

Wave 88 10x Link
Wave 89 3x Antman

3x Ironman 3x Black Panther

Wave 90 4x Ultron

4x Thanos

After this wave, a poison effect takes hold dealing more damage with each wave.

Wave 91 10x Raiden
Wave 92 12x Link
Wave 93 7x Link

7x Lara Croft 7x Diablo

Wave 94 15x Lara Croft
Wave 95 5x Antman

5x Ironman 5x Black Panther

After this wave, explosions start to take place which can 1-hit the player.

Wave 96 5x Ultron

5x Thanos

Wave 97 6x Ultron

6x Thanos 6x Raiden

Wave 98 20x Link
Wave 99 10x Antman

10x Ironman 10x Black Panther

Wave 100 10x Ultron

10x Thanos

The first player to complete wave 100 received a mystery prize!

808Raptor was the first to finish wave 100 and claimed the prize of $1k store credit!

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