American Virtus(u)
The American Virtus Set (u) is the upgraded set of American Virtus Set. It gives a 7% drop rate bonus as well as some really reasonable offensive and defensive bonuses.

It can be obtained by upgrading the pieces of the American Virtus Set at ::upgrade. The upgrade difficulty is rated as Hard.

Because of how rare it is to be successful with the upgrade, the set is not commonly used due to its weakness relative to its price.

At the moment American Virtus Set (u) is roughly 30-40M DSCoins

Combat Stats
Class Slot
Magic Barrows Guthan's Set
Bonus Attack Defence
Stab +0 +735
Slash +0 +666
Crush +0 +639
Magic +195 +127
Range +0 +867
Special bonuses
Melee +250
Ranged +0
Magic +0.0%
Prayer +216
American Virtus(u)
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