Achievement Points

Achievement Points are received from doing various tasks throughout Dreamscape. These tasks include answering trivia questions, and completing achievements. Your point count can be seen in the achievement section, of the quest tab. Achievement Points can be exchanged for items in the Achievement Point Shop.

This shop is located at ::home.

Dreamscape Achievement Shop
Items Cost
Ice Katana 250 Points
Assault Rifle 250 Points
Invictus Box 700 Points
Box of Achievement 275 Points
Crystal Key 25 Points
Mystery Box 40 Points
Dragon Bone Pieces 150 Points Each
Elite Virtus Pieces 250 Points Each
Elite Pernix Pieces 250 Points Each
Golden Katana 350 Points
Ascension crossbows 550 Points Each
Super Mystery Box 600 Points
Box of Wealth 750 Points

Achievement Goal
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