Account Security

There are many ways to keep your accounts secure from other users getting access. In this list we'll provide as much content for you, so you have numerous options and variety of all types.

Types of Passwords/Do's & Dont's:


  • Use a mix of alphabetical and numeric characters.
  • Use a mixture of upper- and lowercase; passwords are case sensitive.
  • Use symbols if the system allows 
  • Extra: Run antivirus programs.


  • Avoid using passwords that are easy such as, "Imhappy123" or anything with a easy number pattern like; 123, 321, 9876, etc.
  • Avoid using passwords that you've used elsewhere. It is possible, and it's happened before where other RSPS community databases are leaked, and player accounts on other servers get hacked, due to using the same Username/Password.
  • Don't write down your password where others can see it, such as on your computer, or on a paper infront of others. Another form of this is account sharing, which is not against the rules, but also not recommened. We don't provide support for situations regarding this.
  • Do not use the same password as you would to your email, or anything confidential such as a phone number, a social security number, an address, or other.
  • .If your password is saved on your computer (remember me), be cautious of others around you.
  • Don't tell anyone your password. Regardless of a family member, a friend, or even a staff members. Staff members will never ask for your password! If a staff member asks for your password, report it!

Dreamscape Forum Security

  • Again, keep in mind the Do's and Don'ts for passwords. 
  • With that being said use different passwords for both forums/ingame.

A good security feature Dreamscape offers on the forums is:

The Two Step Authentication.

What is it?

Two Step Authentication is an area for protecting your login status for the forums. If you want to keep you password highly protected a two step authenticator will allow that. The page can be found under your profile. When you first start it up, you'll need a phone in order to start the process. Manually or 'scanning' you use an "app" that authenticates the code, and keeps your account safe. The app is called Authenticator, which can be found on the App Store or any other phone webstore.

Dreamscape Ingame Security

With everything currently being said about password, continue to follow this method for ingame.

For Ingame Security its best to startup a bank pin on your account. To get a bank pin you will need to teleport to Varrock, and head to the west bank. Inside speak with the bank pin NPC. You will be required:

  • To use a 4 digit password
  • To keep this password save
  • Do not forget your password

If in case someone were to login to your account, they have attempts. They would also not be able access your bank/trade anyone without having entered the pin. In that sense your account is safe.

My account has been leaked!

If in any situation your account has been leaked, and you have no longer access to it, you must create a Support Ticket. You can also find alternative tips on the forums or ingame.

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