Abyssal Sire Title
Abyssal Sire
Posion on Ground
Combat Level 5000
Hitpoints 5 000
Slayer Level 1
Aggressive Yes
Attack Style Melee/Magic/Ranged
Attack Speed
Max Hit Unknown
Weakness Melee/Magic/Ranged
Always Drops See drop table
Examine It's an Abyssal Sire
Abyssal Sire

Abyssal Sire is a level 318 Boss with 5,000 Hitpoints. It was released on November 30, 2018 snd then re-released on June 7th, 2019.

How to Defeat
You need to defeat all 4 of the respiratory system before you can damage the boss. To do so you must first the damage the boss and than go to the 4 systems and kill them. Make sure you dodge the tentacles from hitting you and avoid the poison on the ground. After you've killed all 4 respiratory systems you go to attack boss.
How to get there
To get there click the tab left of friends list, and go to boss teleports. Scroll down and click on Abyssal Sire and teleport there.

Upon killing the Abyssal Sire you will be guaranteed to receive between 1-5 Crystals and a chance to get Yix Amulet, Nax Amulet, Tam Amulet and the Sword of The Protectorate. You also have a chance at the two new cosmetic pets, the Lambo Pet and the Bugatti Pet.

Drop List

Item Quantity Rarity
Crystal (Abyssal Sire) Crystal (Abyssal Sire) 1–5 Always
Infinity Key Infinity Key 1 Uncommon
Tam Amulet Tam Amulet 1 Rare
Yix Amulet Yix Amulet 1 Rare
Nax Amulet Nax Amulet 1 Rare
Sword of the protectorate Sword of the protectorate 1 Very Rare
Lambo Pet Lambo Pet 1 Very Rare
Bugatti Pet Bugatti Pet 1 Very Rare
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