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The AWP Asiimov is a very powerful single-target ranged weapon. It has the largest range accuracy and strength bonus of any range weapon, but its slow attack speed and lack of AoE damage makes it less desirable than its other "Asiimov" companions. The AWP Asiimov gives 10% Double Drop Rate Bonus & Double Rate Bonus

The AWP Asiimov is obtained from the DreamScape Web Store for $250.

It can currently be obtained from the following boxes and chests:

At the moment, the price of AWP Asiimov is roughly: 12-15M DSCoins

Combat Stats
Class Slot
Ranged Mainhand slot
Bonus Attack Defence
Stab +0 +0
Slash +0 +0
Crush +0 +0
Magic +0 +0
Range +11250 +0
Special bonuses
Melee +0
Ranged +16875
Magic +0.0%
Prayer +0
AWP Asiimov Equipped.png
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