AFK Island-0

Welcome to AFK Island!

This tropical getaway is a brand new piece of content which can be accessed by typing ::afk in game. It was designed to help combat the use untrusted third-party botting software. With a single click of the button, you can forget about your worries and start to earn some cash.

The island has Fishing, Mining, and Woodcutting spots. They all earn cash at the same rate, and none of them give you exp, so take your pick.

AFK Island Minimap

As with all content on DreamScape, the rules must be followed. You can have no more than two accounts logged in at once. If you are found with more than two accounts at AFK Island, you will be punished accordingly.

As of an update in September, 2019, you are now only able to afk at the zone for 1 hour per day. This was done to help combat soaring currency levels within the server.

You can gain extra time by purchasing the Extra Hour Pass from the arcade shop for 1000 Points each.

The rate at which you earn cash depends on your donator status, as follows:

Non-donator - 15k DSCoins p/h

Normal donator - 30k DSCoins p/h

Super Donator - 40k DSCoins p/h

Extreme donator - 50k DSCoins p/h

Sponsor - 75k DSCoins p/h

Executive - 100k DSCoins p/h

Platinum Partner - 250k DSCoins p/h

Neither your level in a given skill nor the level of tool you are using will affect the rate at which you earn cash.

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