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The 2K20 Box is a seasonal mystery box available from the DreamScape Web Store at a price of $50 USD. This is a multi-reward box, meaning that you will receive more than one reward from each box!

From every box, you are guaranteed the following:

You are guaranteed at least one rare reward, the full list of which can be found in the following table

Possible Loot
Golden Minigun.png Golden Minigun 1 unknown
Oblivion Scythe.png Oblivion Scythe 1 unknown
Avery's Ring.png Avery's Ring 1 unknown
Collector's Necklace.png Collector's Necklace 1 unknown
M4A4 Asiimov.png M4A4 Asiimov 1 unknown
Longclaw.png Longclaw 1 unknown
Ak-47 Asiimov.png Ak-47 Asiimov 1 unknown
Khione Staff.png Khione Staff 1 unknown
Devious Set.png Devious Set 1 unknown
Crystal Set.png Crystal Set 1 unknown
Infinity gauntlet uncharged.png Infinity gauntlet uncharged 1 unknown
Infinity Scythe.png Infinity Scythe 1 unknown
Trix Amulet (i).png Trix Amulet (i) 1 unknown
Sword of the Protectorate.png Sword of the Protectorate 1 unknown
Skotizo Cape.png Skotizo Cape 1 unknown
Fire Hazard AK47.png Fire Hazard AK47 1 unknown
Space Virtus Helm.png Space Virtus Helm 1 unknown
Space Virtus Body.png Space Virtus Body 1 unknown
Space Virtus Legs.png Space Virtus Legs 1 unknown
Obsidian Virtus Mask.png Obsidian Virtus Mask 1 unknown
Obsidian Virtus Top.png Obsidian Virtus Top 1 unknown
Obsidian Virtus Bottom.png Obsidian Virtus Bottom 1 unknown
BFG9000.png BFG9000 1 unknown
BFG9000 Offhand.png BFG9000 Offhand 1 unknown
Musketeer Hat.png Musketeer Hat 1 unknown
Musketeer Body.png Musketeer Body 1 unknown
Musketeer Legs.png Musketeer Legs 1 unknown
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