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{{DropsLine|Name = Infinity gauntlet uncharged|Quantity = 1|Rarity = unknown}}
{{DropsLine|Name = Infinity gauntlet uncharged|Quantity = 1|Rarity = unknown}}
{{DropsLine|Name = Demon Minigun|Quantity = 1|Rarity = unknown}}
{{DropsLine|Name = Demon Minigun|Quantity = 1|Rarity = unknown}}
{{DropsLine|Name = The Power Stone|Quantity = 1|Rarity = unknown}}
{{DropsLine|Name = Thanos Pet Icon|Quantity = 1|Rarity = unknown}}
{{DropsLine|Name = Thanos Pet Icon|Quantity = 1|Rarity = unknown}}
[[Category:Donation Store]]
[[Category:Donation Store]]

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The 2K19 Box is a seasonal mystery box available from the DreamScape Web Store at a price of $50 USD. This is a multi-reward box, meaning that you will receive more than one reward from each box!

From every box, you are guaranteed the following:

  • 50k- 1M cash
  • A Grandlottery Book redeemable for 50 grand lottery points
  • A Donator Point Book redeemable for 10 Donator Points
  • A Dream Luck Potion (4, 12, or 24 hours)
  • 1-5 random Mystery Boxes
  • 1-5 random Scratch Cards
  • and 1-50 Code Keys.
  • Note: The number of mystery boxes and scratch cards you receive depends on your donator rank: 1 for donator, 2 for super donator, 3 for extreme donator, 4 for sponsor, 5 for executive.
  • You are guaranteed at least one rare reward, the full list of which can be found in the following table

Possible Loot
Golden Minigun Golden Minigun 1 unknown
Codekey Codekey 100 unknown
Seers Boots Seers Boots 1 unknown
Archers Boots Archers Boots 1 unknown
Berserker Boots Berserker_Boots 1 unknown
Berserker gloves Berserker_gloves 1 unknown
Anguish Anguish 1 unknown
MysticGloves MysticGloves 1 unknown
Extreme Donator Ticket Extreme Donator Ticket 1 unknown
Ultimate Dream Katana Ultimate Dream Katana 1 unknown
Eternal Khione Staff Eternal Khione Staff 1 unknown
M4A4 Asiimov M4A4 Asiimov 1 unknown
2019 Icon 2019 Icon 1 unknown
Electronic Katana Electronic Katana 1 unknown
Sword of the Protectorate Sword of the Protectorate 1 unknown
Prod Cape Prod Cape 1 unknown
Space Virtus Helm Space Virtus Helm 1 unknown
Space Virtus Body Space Virtus Body 1 unknown
Space Virtus Legs Space Virtus Legs 1 unknown
Infinity Stones Infinity Stones 1 unknown
Infinity gauntlet uncharged Infinity gauntlet uncharged 1 unknown
Demon Minigun Demon Minigun 1 unknown
The Power Stone The Power Stone 1 unknown
Thanos Pet Icon Thanos Pet Icon 1 unknown
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